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An Update on the Legality of Cannabis

Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, is now law. The bill is a piece of government legislation that legalized access to recreational cannabis in Canada when it came into force on October 17, 2018.

New Law Gets Tough on Drug-Related Impaired Driving Offences

Most people associate impaired driving offences with alcohol, but drugs are also responsible for a significant number of impaired driving charges. According to a CTV Toronto report, 45 per cent of Ontario motorists killed in motor vehicle accidents were under … Continue reading

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Some Pot Laws May Change, But Driving While High Will Still Put You at Risk for an Impaired Driving Conviction

The momentum behind liberalizing marijuana laws in both the U.S. and Canada includes consideration by the federal government of allowing police to ticket people arrested for possession of small amounts of pot instead of pursuing criminal charges. While the conservative … Continue reading

What A Young Person Should Do To Avoid Becoming Involved In A Drug Or Weapons Charge At School

All young people going back to school have to be very careful about exposing themselves to certain charges and one charge is being in possession of an illegal substance or weapon at school. Students may think that they have complete … Continue reading

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