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After an arrest for sexual assault or another sex crime in Ontario, a number of crucial issues that need to be dealt with as soon as possible. The first issue after an arrest is getting the accused individual out of jail. An even more important priority, however, is dealing with restrictions about returning home and having contact with children and other loved ones.

The potential criminal penalties for a sex crimes conviction can also include lengthy terms of incarceration and the lasting implications of being a sex offender, which includes registration on the sex offender registry. At Engel & Associates, our lawyers understand that even the allegation of sexual assault can change your life. Since many people assume guilt from day one, dealing with the damage to their reputation, along with the criminal penalties, can be terrifying.

Engel & Associates will provide the advice and representation you need for the process of being charged and questioned. Contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (613) 235-6324 for a free consultation.

Kanata Criminal Defence Lawyers

The Crown will aggressively prosecute cases of sexual assault, and it is important to assert your rights throughout the process of being charged and questioned — especially the right to remain silent. Before you talk with the police, you need to speak with an experienced lawyer. Just because you have been accused and charged does not mean you are guilty. Our firm has successfully defended many sexual assault cases.

After helping to get you out of jail, we will deal with these very serious charges and the issues that come along with them. This includes hiring private investigators and psychologists to look into the allegations and their veracity.

Representation for Sexual Offences in Ottawa

If you have been arrested for sexual assault or another sex offence in Ontario, or you have been contacted by the authorities, contact Bruce Engel at Engel & Associates. Call our Ottawa office 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (613) 235-6324

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