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Theft and property crimes can carry a wide range of potential penalties and consequences for those who are convicted. Theft may be classified in two ways under the Criminal Code: theft that is over $5,000 or theft that is under $5,000. Theft that is under $5,000 most frequently involves shoplifting and other petty theft. Theft over $5,000 is often the result of corporate theft and employee theft.

Regardless of the level of offence, it is important to have the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer. At the law firm of Engel & Associates, in Ottawa, our lawyers provide representation for theft and shoplifting charges in Ontario. We have developed a respected reputation for serving our clients well and dealing with The Crown on the toughest cases.

If this is your first experience with the criminal justice system in Ontario, ensure that your rights are protected and that you have the best chance of avoiding a criminal record. Contact us at Engel & Associates 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (613) 235-6324 for a free consultation.

Kanata Employee Theft Defence Lawyers

Depending on the circumstances and the level of offence, a conviction could result in a jail sentence. It could also impact your opportunities for employment, opportunities for secondary education and your ability to cross the border in the United States.

While we will certainly defend your rights in court when appropriate, a number of other options may be more effective for your situation. Theft charges may be able to be diverted in order to avoid a criminal record. Our lawyers will thoroughly review the details of your case, inform you of all of your options and guide you through the process as effectively as possible.

Theft and Shoplifting Charges in Ottawa

We have the experience to protect your rights after a theft arrest in Ontario. If you have already been charged or if you have been contacted by the authorities, contact Bruce Engel at Engel & Associates. Call our Ottawa office 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (613) 235-6324.

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