Losing Your Driver’s Licence Can Bring Your Life to a Halt

Most people rely on cars to get them to work and other important places. Without the ability to drive a vehicle, life can be quite difficult. Even a simple errand like running to the grocery store is complicated when you can’t drive. Losing your licence for even a few short months can seriously jeopardize your job and your lifestyle.

What Kind of Offences Result in Licence Suspension?

In Ontario, there are several ways you can lose your licence. Motorists who refuse to give a blood or breath sample when stopped for a reasonable suspicion of impaired driving face an automatic driver’s licence suspension. If you are convicted of driving with a blood alcohol concentration of more than .08 per cent, you can also lose your licence for 90 days. Furthermore, motorists who give a breath sample with a blood alcohol concentration between .05 and .08 per cent face an immediate roadside suspension ranging between three and 30 days.

Licence suspension isn’t reserved for just drunk driving offences, however. Individuals who fail to comply with a court order to pay child support can have their driving privileges revoked.

You can also lose your licence for driving without insurance, for failing to stop for a police officer, for driving carelessly, for driving at an excessive speed, for failing to file a vision report, or for failing to pay traffic tickets.

Getting Your Licence Back

Whether your licence was suspended by police (roadside suspension), via court order, or via the Ministry of Transportation, it’s important to work with an experienced criminal defence lawyer to get it reinstated as quickly as possible.

At Engel & Associates, we know how important your driver’s licence is to you. We work with individuals to get their licence reinstated as soon as possible.

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